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About Lakkhotaa Lodge

Lakkhotaa Lodge - ShillongWhat began as a large residence has been completed as deluxe hotel of 9 guest rooms, dining room, gym, office, library, lounge, restaurant, and banquet hall. We have the facilities of a large hotel, but are small enough to respond to Guest wishes. We invite Guest comments and suggestions.

The building and grounds were designed, built and decorated by Master Feng Shui Practitioners for the comfort, peace and harmony of the Guests. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of achieving harmony and balance in one's living space and life. The many, large windows invite the good chi to enter, and to contribute to the happiness and well-being of the occupants.

But the Lodge is not just grounded in ancient learning. It is well insulated to slow down the transfer of heat, and to be efficient in its use of energy. When needed. The double glazed teak windows keep out noise and serve as additional insulation. The building conceals well-engineered double beams and steel trusses designed to make the Lodge safer in an earthquake region. There is a 300 feet deep 8 inch tube well with submersible pump to provide water for the 65 foot high water tank. There is ample water of high quality at very good pressure.

Modern urban planning suggests that buildings should occupy approximately 1/3 rd of the land area. The reduced building size allows adequate set-backs from the property lines, on-site parking, open spaces and landscaping.

The building of Lakkhotaa Lodge have a footprint of approximately 9,000 square feet and occupy slightly more than 1/3 rd of the 26,000 square foot lot. Lakkhotaa is only two stories high and does not block the air or sun from its neighbors. The compound is fully walled with an 8 foot high stone fence, with metal grill, and the gate is manned at all times.

There are 10 Guest parking spaces at Lakkhotaa and more than 20 additional automobiles can be parked in the paved driveways and paved open spaces. Lakkhotaa is designed to provide all its parking on-site.

The interior finishes and furniture are an eclectic combination of American, Indian and Chinese styles. The interior woodwork and carved doors were made by Indian artisans from Saharanpu. Many of the decorations were imported from Malaysia, and many of the furnishings, objects of art, and drapes were provided by Central Cottage Industries of New Delhi.

The Lodge has both private and public areas. The library, office, gym, dining room, and upstairs lounge are for the use of Guests. The gift shop, restaurant and banquet hall are available to the Guests and the public.

A profile of our typical Guest is (1) VIPs from Business, Education or Government, or (2) a couple having a well-deserved holiday. Our House Rules apply to each Guest and insure that each Guest will enjoy staying at Lakkhotaa Lodge. We are privately owned, managed and operated. We reserve the right to refuse, or terminate, admission, lodging, food, beverages, or service to any person.

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